About Us

The Healthcare Services Team (HST) is a member-based organization, driven by long-term personal relationships. Our mission is to serve the healthcare community by screening service providers for integrity, value, and service. Our value proposition is that we reduce the time you require to identify and select service providers for mission critical activities. Our members have been through a rigorous vetting process and they must continue to deliver value to remain in good standing and to retain their membership in the HST.

Our team was formed with the goal of providing additional resources to our healthcare clients. Over the years, we have come to know our fellow members quite well. Because of our ongoing collaboration, we gained a level of trust that each of our members will provide excellent service to our clients. We understand that when we refer a member to a client or when we bring in supplemental team members to provide additional expertise, our reputation is on the line.

Knowledge of our team members’ capabilities and trust in their abilities is a key element of what makes the Healthcare Service Team.

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