Managed Print Services – A New Year’s Resolution for Your Office

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With the start of a new year in progress, it is the perfect time to look into how your business can improve. Resolutions don’t have to simply be personal aims, and with savings to be made and efficiency to be improved, these resolutions can have a real impact on your business.


Effective Document Management

In an office, there can be hundreds of company files used on a daily basis which, if left unmanaged can become a real pain, not to mention the security problems an unmanaged system creates. With a system such as eCopy, you have a mechanism for all notes and work to be stored on a firm’s central servers, providing the ability to convert scanned documents into a searchable and editable format for improved archiving, document retrieval, and productivity.

Document security is a vital aspect of company life, and through taking measures like implementing a pull-print environment, each print job has to be authorized at the device, reducing the potential for sensitive documents to be forgotten about and left on the printer, and the ability to print securely to share workgroup devices.

Systems such as Equitrac utilize ‘anytime anywhere’ software which includes mobility features; with the ability to securely print to a user’s terminal of choice across a firm’s corporate network. Flexibility is also a key aspect to the solution and with additional Airprint technology implemented; staff are able to print directly to networked devices using tablets or smartphones.


Managed print services

In the business world, printing is essential, there’s no avoiding racking up some costs when it comes to getting a hard copy of some documents. Spending too much on printing is easily avoidable though.

On unmanaged systems, it is estimated that a number in the range of 20% of printed work is forgotten, lost or trashed unread. How many times have you headed over to the printer, only to have to rifle your way through dozens of sheets waiting to be collected? For many mid-sized businesses, this adds up to vast amounts of wasted paper and more importantly, costly ink. This is clearly a huge area in which you can make potential savings. Smart printing systems provide pull-print functionalities so that all documents are either retrieved or not output at all.


Print fleet

If your company is behind the times when it comes to your print devices, then you might want to think about swiftly addressing that point. You may assume that using personal printers or old models are a better option for your business, however in terms of costs and security this is not the case. Using an outdated print fleet not only raises the cost of printing per sheet, but also means the solutions identified above aren’t available.

Primarily, your business should conduct a detailed site audit, identifying which devices are unnecessary and inefficient, and where there are opportunities to save costs.

It is often beneficial to replace all desktop printers with shared workgroup Multi-Functional-Devices (MFD), which can significantly reduce power consumption and save on costs. MFDs can also be set up to reduce paper output, color and toner usage and expenditure.


Rich Simons heads the Sales and Managed Print division for EDGE Business Systems.  He helps improve efficiencies for medical practices providing analysis, customization and recommendations to create an efficient work environment for all document processes.  Feel free to connect at     

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