Importance of Document Security Solutions

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document_text_security-svgDo you realize that the copier is one big computer armed with an 80GB hard drive?

The more healthcare organizations rely on technology for their private practice, the more susceptible to fraudulent activity they are.  It is all too easy for practices to fall prey to abuses of trust and dishonest individuals who seek to exploit a practice’s ignorance to security.

It is not uncommon to hear about a practice falling victim to hacking.  Since the practice handles sensitive company and patient information, they are vulnerable and may not be aware of the risks.  Left unattended with an unsecure Wi-Fi connection, sensitive material can fall into the wrong hands and result in your practice paying the price.

That might all sound a bit scary, but the security of your documentation is easily managed with document security solutions.  Easy to implement and offering a practical and robust answer to issues surrounding confidential material, document management solutions will safeguard your practice’s integrity.

So what are the key features of good document security solutions?  Here are six reasons to incorporate document solutions and a brief explanation.

  1.   Secure Document Release
    Users must authenticate themselves to release documents from an encrypted secure print server. This will ensure that nobody can just sit at your computer and gain access or leave with any confidential documents.
  2.   MFD Communication Protection
    Protocol settings with encryption where necessary are implemented and configured to print fleet devices. Without this setting, hackers could quite easily take the document that is on transit from your computer to the printer.
  3.   Data Overwriting
    Documents held on device hard disks for too long before authentication will be deleted from and overwritten in the storage area to prevent them being retrieved and printed by unauthorized users.
  4.   Keyword Recognition
    Jobs can be held and checked with OCR – optical character recognition – for sensitive content before being printed. Ensuring the right person is collecting the documents from the printer.
  5.   Scan Locking
    Authentication protocols ensure that documents cannot be scanned or printed without permission. Giving access to only trusted/managerial employees ensures that your documents are being seen by the right people and are constantly safe.
  6.   HD Encryption
    The information contained within documents is encrypted into an unreadable code to prevent it being easily deciphered. Adding this feature to the rest of the programs means that even if someone can access your documents it will be relatively useless because they won’t be able to decipher the information.

When placing your trust in a solution to defend your practice against fraudulent activity, you need to be confident that you are investing in a system that will protect your organization.  Good document security solutions really will minimize the risks associated with confidential and sensitive material but look out for these essential elements to ensure that the solution you choose will safeguard your practice.  For more information on our document security solutions take a look at our website

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