Mass Notification Technology

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Mass Notification technology allows for advanced notification systems that integrates with your phone system. It is purpose built for larger organizations and can be customized for different uses.

First, What is a Notification?

The notification is what the user sees or hears when the mass notification application sends a notification alert to an endpoint.

A notification could range from live audio, stored messages, music, or pre-set messages in the event of an emergency.

Where can the emergency notifications be delivered?

This technology can deliver messages to phones, emails, IP speakers, message boards, or even use IoT such as strobe lights or keycard access. There are many many levels of customization.

You can send a live page as you normally would or you could record your message and then send it on its way.

Different Ways to Send Notifications

There is a trigger(activator) and an action(notifier).

The trigger can be an extension you dial, a particular time, dialing 911, a weather alert for your area, etc.

Here’s a sample of how Emergency Notification Solutions sends notifications:

  • text to the desk phones
  • audio and text to the phones
  • text and have the phone read that text aloud
  • send a picture (within parameters, of course)

This component can push weather alerts, amber alerts, etc.

An admin can dial a phone number to cause a trigger or even use the mobile application to trigger a notification – meaning you can send an alert through a mobile app even when you’re not on site.

If there’s an emergency and you need the facility to be evacuated, admins can easily trigger the evacuation procedure with a few presses of their phone.


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