Medical Facilities

The office space you occupy is a critical part of any successful practice.

We have a subgroup within The HST which can come together as a team or individually to provide assistance with all phases of acquiring new office space whether the need involves a start up office, a lease renewal, the relocation of an existing office or a new satellite office. Whether you are looking for lease space or looking to purchase a building or buy land on which you want to build a building, we can provide the expertise from one source to get you up and running. We can provide the know-how within our team to help you design, build and outfit the office space you choose. All of these activities involve thorough, careful research and planning and are enhanced by the coordination we can provide thru our team members who have extensive experience working together.

The Healthcare Services Team serves clients in all aspects of the healthcare facility acquisition.

Specific areas include:

  • Architect – Interior & Exterior Architectural Design
  • Construction Contractor – Base building and interior construction.
  • Real Estate – Lease or Purchase of an existing building or land.
  • Financing – Building and Equipment Loans
  • Insurance – Builders Risk, Tenant Liability, Property & General Liability
  • IT
  • Phone Equiptment
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