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The HST team is about “professionals dedicated to the success of medical practices.” Each month, we recognize a practice manager who shares our passion and success in doing this, and provide you her or his advice.

January Practice Manager of the Month
Debbie Olmos, ENT of Georgia

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy working with people and in particular, with employees, vendors, and mentors. I get pleasure when our team has done a great job or when we have worked on a great deal that increased efficiency or reduced cost to the practice. Another thing I enjoy is seeing employees grow by training them, teaching them, and empowering them to make decisions.

In 2004, we were installing a new practice management system. We were migrating from Unix to Windows. One employee had never used a mouse before and now she is very so comfortable with technology. It is rewarding to see people grow personally and professionally.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your current job?

My greatest accomplishment is associated with one of the largest projects we’ve ever under taken – evaluating and installing the EMR system in use today. We were able to install a new system across sixteen locations without losing one dollar in billing revenue and we had no trouble whatsoever in our claims clearing house. I attribute this very smooth transition to detailed planning. A key reason for no disruption was our one-office-at-a-time implementation approach because it ensured that we worked out the kinks along the way.

What were you doing prior to your current job?

I was the administrator for a pediatric surgeon in New York. I started out as a data entry clerk and collector and moved my way up to become the practice administrator. When I started, we had one office and one doctor. When I left, we were at three doctors and two offices. I learned how to manage multiple physicians and locations from this experience.

What 2 tips can you offer your colleagues about being a successful practice manager?

First, I try not to make quick decisions. I like to ponder the information for a short while to make sure I carefully evaluate the information. I think it is important not to react too quickly. Secondly, I think it is very important to develop a good team and don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and help them. It is critical to understand the processes and to make sure that I know what it’s like to walk in my team’s shoes.

Who gave you advice about being successful and what was his/her advice to you?

My mom has always been my role model. She was an administrator for an anesthesiologist group. She led by example. It was her example that helped me to form my managerial philosophy to stay calm, be patient, and be thorough.

What hobbies or special interests to you have?

I love to travel – anywhere from Disney World to Malaga, Spain

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