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Kelly Kile, Practice Manager for Complete Women’s Healthcare in Johns Creek enjoys the diverse challenges that present themselves everyday in her practice. Her goal is to make a difference in the lives of the practice’s patients by helping create an efficient and pleasant environment. She takes pride in the hours of work she put into helping create their new office space. Her efforts produced an office which provides a calm pleasant atmosphere for the patients and a good work environment for the staff.

Prior to becoming the practice manager at Complete she worked nineteen years for other practices in healthcare, having come to Complete from a large ob/gyn practice at Pill Hill. When she heard that a doctor was putting together a new ob/gyn practice and needed help she was quick to respond and has now been working for Complete Women’s Healthcare for over six and a half years.

Kelly believes that a successful practice manager must be a good listener both in terms of hearing the concerns of patients and her staff. She feels that a good practice manager is objective, being careful to collect and weigh all the facts before making decisions. According to Kelly another important task for any practice manager, particularly in the current healthcare environment, is the ability to think ahead. To begin to deal with issues that are ahead for the practice before they become critical. Kelly feels that a good practice manager sets the proper tone for the practice. “The staff feeds off the practice manager’s vibe.” Therefore she has made it one of her goals to project the right vibe. She lets her staff know that she is looking after them and that she has their back.

The inspiration for Kelly’s medical career was her stepmother who was the CEO of a hospital and later a consultant with Arthur Anderson. At Arthur Anderson she went around the country setting up new hospitals. Her best advice to Kelly was not necessarily a single piece of advice but rather the confidence she instilled in Kelly to go out and tackle her first medical job. Her stepmother continues to this day to be a source of advice to Kelly as she deals with the ever changing healthcare environment.

With a set of twins who are about to turn seven and a demanding job Kelly doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies but she does enjoy running which is probably good training for her life as a mom and a practice manager. Her main and most special interest is spending time with her family and enjoying her kids as they grow up.

We congratulate Kelly as our Practice Manager of the Month but more importantly we thank her for the difference she makes in the lives of the patients at Complete Women’s Healthcare.

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