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The HST team is about “professionals dedicated to the success of medical practices.” Each month, we recognize a practice manager who shares our passion and success in doing this, and provide you her or his advice.

Maggie Foda
Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine

Maggie Foda Practice Manager at Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine has two distinctions which make her unique among practice mangers in Atlanta. She has probably traveled the farthest to get where she is, having grown up in Alexandria, Egypt. The second distinction is that prior to becoming a practice manager she practiced medicine as a doctor in Egypt.

Maggie enjoys utilitizing the experience she has acquired both as a doctor and her years as a practice manager to get things done. Everyday she enjoys tackling problems and resolving issues with the idea of keeping the practice moving in the right direction.

Upon coming to this country in 1991 Maggie worked with a community health center in Houston, Texas in various capacities. She was the Associate Director of Patient Services before becoming the Practice Manager of the Center’s largest clinic. That community health center was a multi specialty organization practicing family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics and orthopedics.

Maggie believes that it is critically important that a successful practice manager be “hands on”. She has personally done every job in the practice which she believes is key to providing good support to her staff. Being hands on gives her a better perspective on what everyone in the practice is doing. Having done every job she knows what is involved with that particular job and how long activities in that job should take. Using that understanding allows her to be fair in assessing a staff member’s work performance. She believes that it makes the staff feel good to know that she is not above what they do but as she puts it “ she just has a different job title.” She believes it is important for a practice manager to be fair and objective in assessing her staff. She believes it is important that a practice manager keep the owners of the practice up to speed on the major issues facing the practice while not burdening them with the mountain of details which a practice manager must oversee.

The inspiration for Maggie’s medical career comes from the first doctor she worked with after coming to this country. That doctor she worked with started out as a nurse and did every job on the clinical side of the practice. That doctor led by example and she taught Maggie the importance of being hands on, a lesson Maggie has never forgotten.

When she is not at the practice Maggie loves to read. She admits to being a shopaholic and not necessarily a recovering one. She also likes going to museums and plays. She is a good cook, a talent she doesn’t mind practicing when she is not worn out by a long day at the practice.

Maggie has two sons both of whom live in the US. One of her sons is an engineer with Dell Computer. The other son is looking for that perfect job having earned a degree in history. His area of study was a particularly interesting period in Egypt’s long history.

The Managing Physician for the practice Dr. Eduardo Montaña described Maggie’s importance to the practice by saying ”I couldn’t run a medical practice without her.” He went on to say that Maggie is the “eyes and ears of our practice” and the ”soul of the practice.”

Hearing Dr. Montana’s description of Maggie Foda makes it easy to see that she is a very successful practice manager. Congratulations Maggie for the work you do and for your selection as Healthcare Services Team’s Practice Manager of the Month.

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