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201502_managerofthemonthLeslie N. Fortson, Practice Manager
Vein Specialists of the South


How long have you been at this practice and what were you doing prior to being here?

I have been the practice manager for 9 years, and prior to that, I was a practice manager for another vein specialist in Columbia, SC for about 1 ½ years.


What do you enjoy about your job?

I really like working with the people in our offices and with the patients that we serve. I like to help people grow and see them reach their potential. With my staff, I try to expand their roles and current capabilities, and help them learn a new skill set. People like to be challenged and feel as though they have progressed and accomplished something. I like helping them get there.


What 2 tips can you off your colleagues about being a successful practice manager?

  • Focus on your team– Invest resources (time and money) on your staff to keep them current and feeling as part of the team. I try to make sure they stay as informed as possible.
  • Perspective – When you approach issues or problems within the practice, you have a choice; to be positive or negative. We have built a culture where our approach is always to be positive. I like to think of this culture and effort as our “internal marketing”.


How is this important or valuable to the practice?

We try to model our practice environment as if it were a Ritz-Carlton. That starts with what we call “WOW” service, and an expectation that we truly care about our patients in every way. At a Ritz-Carlton there is never any negativity, and every service or task is not a problem to the customer. At our patients’ first visit, they find out everything they need to know – we leave nothing to chance, and no surprises. It is this mentality that has allowed us to maintain a near 100% satisfaction rating among our patient base.


Who gave you advice about being successful and what was their advice to you?

I have a business coach who I meet with every week to discuss a variety of things. Because he is not medical specific, he gives me perspective on how to deal with people and expectations, as well and good ideas that I can implement within the practice.


What hobbies or special interests do you have?

With the little spare time I have, I spend it with my 5 year old son who keeps me busy.

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