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201503_AnneCampbellThe HST team is about “professionals dedicated to the success of medical practices.” Each month, we recognize a practice manager who shares our passion and success in doing this, and provide you her or his advice.


Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is entering her 12th year as Practice Manager at My OBGYN, PC which has offices in Riverdale and McDonough. She brings to her job as a practice manager elements from her teaching background. Drawing on that prior teaching experience she enjoys helping people learn whether it is a staff member learning how to do his or her job or patients who are learning what they need to know as part of the process of having a baby. Working in sports taught her the importance of bringing everyone in the practice together to work as a team. As a part of that experience in team sports she enjoys the challenge of not only assembling a team but maintaining her practice staff team, making sure that it   works together.

Anne believes that providing the staff with constant opportunities to learn is an important part of any practice manager’s job description. She believes that the staff is constantly looking to the practice manager for guidance and it is critical that the practice manager see those needs for direction and for the manager to provide that direction. She believes that another important attribute of a practice manager is patience. When giving direction and teaching your staff it is important to remember that everyone learns differently and at different rates. A practice manager must understand that fact and use that understanding to get their direction and training across to their staff. If the staff is given good direction by a manager who also practices compassion it goes a long way towards having a staff that works well together and toward staff retention. Staff retention according to Anne is critically important for the sake of the practice but it is also important for patients to see the same people year after year. A patient visit is stressful enough on its own but if patients see people they know, staff who know them, it makes the visit a little less stressful.

Anne graduated from The University of Tennessee where she worked as a student trainer and later as a graduate assistant trainer in the women’s basketball program. As a part of her training she received a certification as an athletic trainer which involves a heavy emphasis on physical therapy. After  leaving Tennessee she went to work as the director of the business office for a large multi-specialty practice in Greenville, South Carolina which had 27 doctors and 5 locations. Later she came back to Atlanta and worked for East Cobb Pediatrics as their Practice Manager. Prior to coming to My OBGYN she was director of rehabilitation for a pain management practice where she again drew on her college experience as an athletic trainer.

Anne feels that she has taken something from every place she has worked. Her early inspiration and direction came from her mother and her mother’s two sisters who were all nurses. Through her exposure to them she had an early exposure to healthcare.  While she can’t think of any specific pieces of advice that came out of seeing her mother and aunts in healthcare she knows that exposure was one of the things which guided her path. Also she worked with the legendary Pat Summit,  head coach of Tennessee’s women’s basketball program. In Anne’s words it would be impossible not to take away from exposure to such an incredible role model tidbits of advice and life lessons which are invaluable. Anne says that Pat Summit’s drive was an inspiration to everyone who came into contact with her as was her penchant for treating everyone fairly. Anne has incorporated that ideal of “fair treatment” into all her relationships at My OBGYN.

When not at the practice Anne enjoys gardening, particularly vegetable gardening and can be found this time of year readying her garden for the next planting season. She also likes woodworking. She has a shop and has done ‘”fun projects” such as building the raised beds for her gardening hobby. Her other hobby is making homemade bread. She makes homemade sour dough bread and is experimenting with other bread recipes.

One of the partners in her practice Dr. Letitia Royster described Anne’s importance by saying “Anne has successfully taken us through several very difficult transitions. She continues to be diligent with keeping us up to date as well as placing us in the best or most advantageous positions in this environment of changing healthcare. That allows us to provide our patients with the outstanding care and service.”

Congratulations to Anne for what she brings to her practice and for her selection as Healthcare Services Team’s Practice Manager of the Month.

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