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Linda PopowitzThe HST team is about “professionals dedicated to the success of medical practices.” Each month, we recognize a practice manager who shares our passion and success in doing this, and provide you her or his advice.

Linda Popowitz started at Georgia Dermatology Center as Practice Administrator in 2009. Prior to her current position, she spent over 22 years in the dental field. Her dental experience included assisting (general and surgical), dental supply sales, administration, and working in all facets of specialized dentistry from orthodontics to periodontics.

Linda says the most gratifying aspect of her role at Georgia Dermatology Center is being a mentor to her staff and co-workers. Throughout her career in the medical and dental fields she has had numerous mentors who gave her direction, and the gift of their time and talents to help her grow personally. Her greatest joy is helping people grow to their fullest potential and sharing her time and talents with them. Linda says, “Staff members continue to amaze me with their capabilities and accomplishments when you just take a little time to guide and encourage them.”

When asked what tips she has for her colleagues about being a successful practice manager, Linda had this to say:

“You are of no value to yourself or anyone else if you burn out. Our positions are very demanding and we must always remind ourselves to take a break from all of the stresses in our lives and relax. No one will die if you are not in the office for the day! It also helps to turn off the day at the door when you get home – no emails or phone calls during the evening.

“Our work as managers and administrators keeps changing and evolving through all of the required governmental changes and regulations, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a peer for help. I have a network of administrators in both specialties and primary care, and we all help each other with questions, problems, and concerns. It also is imperative to join management groups to stay informed and focused. I personally belong to two dermatology management groups and also MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) which has levels locally, state wide, and nationally. These groups help me personally grow and they also keep me informed to any updates and announcements that affect healthcare.”

Linda went on to say that administrators and managers are responsible for leading the team, and the staff expects it. If she is not informed on regulations and requirements, the entire practice can suffer in the long run. Staying refreshed and well informed helps to make sure that the staff has a strong leader to guide them.

One of the doctors Linda worked for back in the 80’s always said, “Treat patients right and take care of them – the money will come. Money is not the first priority in taking care of patients”. Linda says, “That has always proven true. If you care for patients the right way, they will keep coming back and they will be your best source of referrals. We have many families now that are patients and refer their friends and entire neighborhoods to us. That is what it is all about – working our purpose in life! That is success!”

When Linda is not at work she loves to cook, as she finds it very relaxing. She also has a great passion for nutrition and exercise. “I have found over the years that I personally run much better and healthier when I make it a point to eat well and exercise daily. I find exercise to be a great stress reliever after a long hard day.”

Please join us in congratulating Linda Popowitz for being selected as Healthcare Services Team’s Practice Manager of the Month!

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