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201507_managerElaine Benuck, Practice Administrator
Olansky Dermatology Associates

Elaine Benuck has been with Olansky Dermatology Associates for five years. Prior to this position, she was the practice manager for another dermatology practice and has been in the industry since 1980. She started her career with billing collections then management with Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, TN. She grew up in Nashville, lived some time in Memphis, returned to Nashville, and now here in Atlanta, GA.

Elaine most enjoys the comradery of the people at her job. The physicians and staff are all good people without egos, and everyone helps each other out. It’s a joy to come to work and say hello to everyone with a smile on her face. Her management style is to do anything to help out her staff or a patient. By leading by example, her staff follows suit. She doesn’t expect her staff to do anything she wouldn’t be willing to step in and do.

Some tips that she has used well in her role and can offer to others came from her husband. The first phrase is “Be Firm but Fair”, and the second is “Be in Control, not Controlling.” She takes these to heart each day and believes that by letting her staff know her expectations allows everyone to do their job successfully. Elaine’s focus is on the better patient experience. If the patient is questioning a bill or is trying to get in on a tight day to see a physician, it’s her role to be patient centered and help make it work. It’s important to be patient focused and by being focused on them makes the practice run more smoothly and effectively.

In asking Dr. Jodi Ganz what she likes best working with Elaine, her response was “Elaine always anticipates. She knows what is needed in the office, she knows when healthcare changes will affect us, and she knows what individual staff members need in terms of growth and guidance. On a personal note, she is a pleasure to collaborate with on projects. A meeting with Elaine is a brain-storming session until we get it ‘right.’ Her energy and love of her job is contagious. I love working with Elaine every day that I come to the office!”

The healthcare industry brings with it a lot of changes, constantly. Elaine stays up to date by talking with vendors, listening to webinars, and going to seminars. Her success has been through trial and error and learning from her mistakes and moving on from them.

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