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ElaineDiMaggioElaine DiMaggio is the practice manager for North Atlanta Dermatology and has been there since the practice opened its doors in 1999. What’s even more amazing is that she had no medical background when she started!

During her tenure, the practice has grown to 4 offices, 6 physicians, 12 total providers and a current staff of 94. There are a few factors that can be attributed to this growth; Elaine credits her doctors for trusting her and giving her the freedom to manage and grow the practice. She is grateful for that. In addition, she is extremely loyal to her vendors. She truly sees them as partners and this has contributed to the growth the practice has experienced.

When asked about some tips she could share with other practice managers, she was said, “Make sure your physicians have confidence in you to do your job.” She also felt it was important to “know how to lead, not just manage a practice”. In addition, she felt it was important to get both input and feedback from supervisors and staff prior to making a decision. “Great people working together can make a great practice” are words to live by.

What advice could she give to other practice managers? “For a large medical practice such as ours, I have 4 supervisors under me who all have an excellent work ethic and together we run the practice. We must keep up with all the changes from the government, CMS, Meaningful Use, PQRS, HIPAA, Security Rules, HR, etc. and then we plan periodic meetings with all providers to go over the changes and keep them up to date.  As a practice manager, you must work for your providers but also the employees.  The medical profession has had a tremendous amount of changes and everyone in the practice is now doing more work than they ever had to do because of all these changes and the changes keep on coming. This includes Medical Assistants now having to be certified, laser techs now have to be certified. I could go on and on, but I wanted to be sure I said this because I run this practice as if I own it and my supervisors are very important and we all will work nights and weekends to get work done and make any necessary changes.”

Elaine loves to travel with her husband of 43 years, who is retired and loves computers. When she started working at North Atlanta Dermatology, she know nothing about computers, and now she does everything with them.



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