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201510_DavidNye_PMOMSep2015David Nye, Practice Administrator
Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

David Nye joined the Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery as his first job out of college after receiving a business administration degree.  He has been there for 28 years and has seen many changes in the healthcare industry and growth for the practice.  The practice currently has four surgeons, staff of 35, and two locations; one in Augusta and one North Augusta, SC.

David enjoys every day being different.  There is always a challenge to the day and an opportunity to be a champion/problem solver.  He likes to help bring resolution to the problem at hand and balance when to get involved and when to lead from behind and allow the staff to work the details.  David notes that he had developed a great relationship with the senior doctor since the beginning, which allows him to flourish.

In asking Dr. Tony Neal what he likes best working with David, his response was “I enjoy working with David Nye because he does his job well. He is able to deal with the present, and yet he is always looking to the future. He is efficient, making complex activities seem effortless and enjoyable.  Most importantly, David is an encourager, helping each member of the team to excel at their jobs. He is a blessing!”

As for suggestions for other practice administrators, David recommends that you surround yourself with competent people.  To be successful, you want to be surrounded by others passionate about healthcare.  Be sure that you have the right tools, continuing education, and lots of support.  Education is more than formal schooling, David recommends “knowing the industry, reading related industry articles and business trends.  Be well read in all areas so that you can work towards solutions whether it is with a patient, IT, or a vendor.”

Outside of the office, David seeks adventure.  He enjoys mountain climbing.  He first started in the western United States with a friend. He then tried ice climbing in New England, where he really caught the climbing bug and wanted to be more adventurous.  He enjoys planning climbing trips in Europe and tries to find places he’ll be successful.  David is married with three older children.

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