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Angela Anderson, Practice Manager
Southern Gastroenterology Associates

Angela Anderson joined the Southern Gastroenterology Associates team in March 2013. She has lived in Georgia for 14 years and worked as a practice administrator in other locations and specialties including North Fulton Eye Center, Heritage OBGYN in Gainesville, and DeKalb Gastroenterology. Before coming to Georgia, she was in Kansas City, MO but decided to move when her daughter was looking at colleges in Georgia.

The biggest influence on Angela and her passion for medicine was when she was five years old and her grandfather was ill. She remembers wanting to be the nurse and take care of him. She had tremendous support from her mom and dad to do anything she set her mind to. Her parents wanted her to go to college, and Angela also knew that education was important. She got her undergraduate degree and continued on for a two year program in hospital and health administration. Some told her that hospital administration is a man’s field, but she knew she could do it and encourages others to stay steady on course and they can accomplish anything. She passes this same strong will to her kids.

Angela has a general interest in medicine, but has really enjoyed working for the specialties and focusing in on a particular patient issue. With Gastroenterology, she appreciates the knowledge she has accumulated through the years in gastrointestinal disease. She finds it straight forward to identify patients who have issues, help them avoid issues, and get them on the right path in the disease process to get better.

Two tips that Angela has for her peers are communication and honesty. The first step in communication is to listen. She listens to her patients, staff, and doctors. She works collaboratively with the doctors and owners of the practice to understand the direction they want to see the practice go. Then she can offer her knowledge of the craft to present ideas on how they can achieve those goals. With honesty, Angela finds it important that each individual is honest with themselves and their skill sets. They need to be truthful in what they know and don’t know and be open to learn. Most importantly, people should trust you.

In her spare time, Angela has become a walker. She enjoys being outdoors and active. She used to be a tennis player and is thinking about dusting off her racquet and playing again.

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