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2016_04_pmDebbie Roddenberry, Practice Administrator
Southern Crescent Breast Specialists, PC

Debbie Roddenberry is the Practice Administrator at Southern Crescent Breast Specialists in Stockbridge Georgia. The practice was founded by Dr. Davis Timbert in 2003, and Debbie enjoys being part of the practice. She is part of a practice that detects and treats breast cancer and can help save someone’s life. She enjoys helping patients that are referred from their OB/GYN and looking for support, answers, and action through ultrasound, mammograms, and core biopsy to determine the type of breast cancer and treatment plan. Previously, Debbie worked as the Director of Outpatient Imaging at Southern Regional Medical Center, and then with the Southern Crescent Physician Group.

Debbie’s tips to other practice administrators are to surround yourself with knowledgeable and dependable staff. If you have dependable people around you, then you know the job is getting done in a quality and efficient manner. Debbie can depend on her staff to do their jobs knowing the work is getting done without having to follow-up or keep up with errors. The staff receives continual training through seminars, webinars, and support from Piedmont as they are on the same system. Her other suggestion for success is to treat everyone fairly. When people get upset, they just want to be heard. They need to vent their frustration. When treating these situations with respect and compassion, the tension can be diffused and others know you are working with them and not against them.

Debbie has learned something from each and every job she has had, each and every boss. One boss stands out in particular when he told her to always bring humor to the situation. With a little touch of humor, an intense situation can be diffused. As you listen, treat the person fairly so they find the good in the situation and turn it into a solvable solutions rather than just a heated argument.

In asking Dr. Davis Scott Timbert what he likes best working with Debbie, he responded, “As you know, private practice medicine/surgery encounters new challenges every day from insurance companies, from employee issues, and from patient issues. Debbie has the practice administration knowledge to look after both the interests of the patient and the practice. She maximizes our revenue stream with an insurance verification process that eliminates the incidence of seeing patients with terminated insurance and identifies deductible payments needing to be collected at the time of service. I think she does a great job as Practice Administrator.”

When Debbie leaves work, she likes to focus her passion into travel, cooking and reading. She has been to Alaska twice and ready to go back again. She also loves Arizona. She enjoys being in nature surrounded by mountains and animals. Her kitchen expertise lies more in baking than cooking having fun with desserts and soufflés. She has been married to her husband for 38 years, and they have a cat Tuxedo who is 14 years old. Her travels take her west, but her home has been Georgia for the last 31 years. She has always been in the southeast living in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Debbie Roddenberry was nominated by Sheila Fox-Lovell of Shandy Graphics. Debbie has known Sheila for 20 years where they first met in the technology industry. They have stayed in contact, even enjoying dinners throughout the year. Debbie knows that when she needs something, she just calls Sheila.

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