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Van HendryVan Hendry
Chief Operating Officer, Coastal Cardiology, P.A.

Van Hendry is the Chief Operating Officer at Coastal Cardiology in Charleston, SC.  Coastal Cardiology is an independent practice with three locations and serving the Charleston area for 30 years.  The practice has six doctors and three physician assistants and continues to grow.  Prior to working at Coastal Cardiology, Van worked at a urology office.  He enjoys working in medical specialties.  Van is originally from Pittsburgh, spent time in Washington D. C. and has now been in Charleston for 12 years.

Van loves working in healthcare as no two days are the same.  He likes variety and helping people by improving their quality of life. He has great doctors to work with that provide quality healthcare.  Van likes to kick off the day with a plan of attack when he comes in, but he finds that the whole day shifts quickly and it’s never boring.

Some tips that Van would like to share with colleagues is to be involved in the day to day operations.  Take the time, even in a large practice, to know your patients. Take the time to meet them and ask how patient care is going.  It also important to network with colleagues in the industry to know what is going on with other practices and how that might affect your own practice.  Van networks with a group of independent specialists.  They gather quarterly, sometimes for a presentation, but most often to talk about current challenges and share opinions and possible solutions.  He finds it invaluable to have new perspectives and fresh ideas.  Van states, ‘the challenge with healthcare is that the pace of change is accelerating, and you’ve got to stay ahead of the pace of change.’ When working with an independent practice, it’s important to have other people help you see the horizon.

Some of the best advice that Van received is to not get boxed into a mindset on how to solve a problem.  He shared a story of a colleague who asked him what a Sloan valve is.  Being in the medical industry, Van continued to think through all the various heat valves and other medical devices.  The answer was that you see one every day, all flush handles are made by Sloan.  He realized that he got stuck thinking from the perspective of medical that he didn’t think of other uses for valves.   It’s a lifelong lesson that he carries with him not to get stuck on one way of looking at something and to think beyond.  Networking helps give him the fresh perspective.

When speaking with Jeffrey Rieder, MD, he had this to say about Van, “Van has been with our practice for over two years and has quickly become an integral part of Coastal Cardiology. He has streamlined our operations and has developed outstanding relationships with many of our external vendors. Having him onboard allows us as providers to concentrate on treating patients.”

Van feels that even if he quit working, he wouldn’t have enough time to do everything he wants to do.  He enjoys travel, photography, working on his antique car, and reading about history.  He has travelled to Africa, Canada, Caribbean, and Europe.  He’s currently planning a trip to Quebec.  Good thing his wife has the same travel bug.

Van Hendry was nominated by Bart Segal, Tri-Med Solutions.  He enjoys that Bart often talks about the changes with healthcare and how a lot of it affects EMR.  Van feels that Bart can help connect people that can help him be successful.

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