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ashleybernalAshley Bernal
Assistant Practice Manager, Pain Consultants of Atlanta

Ashley Bernal, Assistant Practice Manager for Pain Consultants of Atlanta, enjoys the multi-tasking aspect of her job.  She enjoys that each day is different providing challenges and opportunities.  Although she doesn’t always enjoy the occasional janitorial job, she steps in where needed to keep the practice flowing.

Ashley has been with Pain Consultants for over ten years.  Prior to becoming Assistant Practice Manager at PCA, she worked nineteen years in the industry.  She worked for NCO Group supervising commercial and managed care collections department for U.A.B Hospital.  Later she worked with Per-Se Technologies, financial and administrative healthcare solutions, managing the revenue cycle for more than thirty anesthesia and pain management practices.

When looking for inspiration, Ashley provided three quotes.  “Respect is earned; Growth comes from pain; and No one cares about what you say, until they know that you care.”  The last quote is a phrase from Mary Jayne Huddleston who works closely with Ashley.  She is a former nurse now on the administrative side and offers a perspective from both sides of the desk.

Two tips that Ashley would share with her colleagues are to listen to your employees and implement new technology.  Your employees are the front line and working the day to day.  They can best identify bottlenecks in procedures and processes.  Recognizing where a manual process is creating a bottleneck to productivity, is a great opportunity to look to technology to find a better, faster solution.

When asked about her hobbies, Ashley gave a wry smile and said, “There’s no time for hobbies as an Assistant Practice Manager.”  Truth be told, Ashley is the mother of three children – a daughter and twin boys.  They certainly fill her free time as they enjoy drama and soccer.  But, if she’s going to name a hobby, she likes to quilt.

Ashley Bernal was nominated by Jennifer Autian, TCA Business Solutions. She appreciates that she or her staff can pick up the phone or send an email and have a person dedicated to their account to get answers quickly.

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