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StephanieEthridgeStephanie Ethridge
Practice Administrator, Sandy Springs Internal Medicine

Stephanie Ethridge is the Practice Administrator at Sandy Springs Internal Medicine. Stephanie has been at Sandy Springs Internal Medicine for over 15 years.  She started as a patient account rep, and then moved to temporarily fill the Practice Administrator role, and she made it her own and kept the role.  Sandy Springs Internal Medicine is a private medical practice focused on higher standards and better care.  Eleven years ago, SSIM was one of the first practices to move to concierge medicine and is still one of the largest in the space.  There are seven physicians, 31 full time employees, and resides in a 10,000 square foot space.

Stephanie has a BA in management and managed in company prior to joining the healthcare industry.  In working in her current role, she enjoys most the ability to make a difference.  Her work touches the patients, staff, and doctors, and she wears many hats as a Practice Administrator.  Her first project when she took the role was to remodel the entire office while still working and maintaining the office day to day.  As she says, the key is to step in and do what needs to be done, even if that means unclogging a sink before maintenance can get there.

Some tips that Stephanie would like to share with colleagues (there’s a gazillion) is first to listen more than you talk.  Sometimes even she struggles with this one, but we have one mouth and two ears so remember to listen first.  There is always a moving target, so it’s important to be ready to adapt, be flexible, and be ready for change.  She notices this is a struggle with some people.  IT is certainly one of the areas that are constantly changing and important to stay ahead of the curve.  Stephanie stays on top of things by reaching out to experts in their fields for accounting, legal, IT.  She knows it’s always important to seek help with those with experience and knowledge.  She also utilizes the posting/forum boards through MGMA North Fulton.

Stephanie recently attended a staff meeting where Bert Thornton, president/CEO of Waffle House, spoke.  She commented that he was full of wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  The key phrase that stuck with her, “You can’t learn anything until you are ready.”  While reflecting on these words, she has found it to be true for work and life in general.  It’s a reminder to be open, receptive, and willing to learn.

Dr. Kelly Ahn provided a note on behalf of the seven physicians at Sandy Springs Internal Medicine.  He states, “I cannot think of a position more challenging than Practice Administrator of an independent, private medical practice of seven physicians. Balancing the needs and wants of seven “bosses” with seven different personalities is impossible; however, Stephanie achieves the impossible to lead the largest independent concierge medical practice in Georgia.”

Outside of work, Stephanie most enjoys being a mom.  She likes to travel but doesn’t get to do it enough.  She recently went on a Disney cruise saying, “They know how to do everything. So well planned out.”  She enjoys cooking and trying to learn more and try new good, fresh, health food.  She recently joined a coop in the neighborhood to have fresh fruits and vegetables.  She says they are so much better to when you get the real taste.  There really is a significant different.

Stephanie Ethridge was nominated by Chris Jann of Medicus Solutions.  She met Chris shortly after she took on the Practice Administrator role.  He and his firm were a recommendation from another practice, and she classifies it as one of the best decisions. Chris and Medicus Solutions has helped them transform and rebuild their network to have it be what it needs to do these days – consistent, reliable, and an extension of the business.  She can reach out to Medicus and know they are there.  She has recommended them several times to others.

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