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DebRosenberg_smDeb Rosenberg
Chief Executive Officer, Atlanta Southeast Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopment, P.C.

Deb Rosenberg is the Chief Executive Officer at Atlanta Southeast Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopment, P.C. also known as ASCEND Pediatrics. The group initially started in 2007 with 15 providers then went through a change in 2011.  Deb helped the partners start the new practice from scratch and learned a lot along the way.  She learned about business licenses, filing for tax id, engaging vendors, negotiating contracts, computer conversions, notifying insurance carriers, and so much more.  The process helped her to take the view of ‘new things = new skills’, and she kept all the paperwork and emails in a binder documenting along the way.

Deb likes the people contact part of her job.  She enjoys working with her staff and getting to meet the vendors.  She finds there is always something new to learn.  She most likes working in a pediatric practice as she loves working with children.  Many of the patients have conditions that may not be cured, but the doctors, nurses, and staff are able to help improve quality of life.  ASCEND helps the families get answers, find support groups for their situation, and just a really good place for children to come.

Deb enjoys the challenges that her job brings and offers some advice to her colleagues.  She shared that to be successful, you need to have an open mind to learn new things and react to changes. Healthcare is always changing.  It’s important to use a lot of skills at one time.  A few of the multiple hats she wears are marketing, planning, budgeting, and financial manager. So, be someone that wants to multi-task and be a problem solver.  She suggests think through what the resolution could be and learn to live with choices and continue to move forward.

These qualities can be seen in the words from the two doctors at the practice.  Dr. Raymond Cheng states, “I like working with Deb because she has the straightforward no-nonsense approach to a problem with a great dose of humor in it. She has run a very tight ship for us and is responsible for keeping our overhead at its lowest for the past years.”  Dr. Howard Schub also contributed, “…She is skilled in personnel management, fiscal stewardship, and operations. Under her guidance, we have incorporated a new accounting and billing system, renovated our suite, and pared personnel to an efficient number.”

Deb has several interests outside of work.  She is a pet owner, self-professed cat lover, and involved in pet rescue.  She enjoys old movies, especially a marathon of Humphry Bogart.  She goes antiquing and looks for antique hats while a friend of hers collects antique household items.  Deb also enjoys horseback riding, mainly Western.

Deb Rosenberg was nominated by Chris Jann of Medicus Solutions.  Her main praise of Medicus is ‘they really know their stuff.’  She appreciates the balance of their respect for people and the great sense of humor they bring to the situation.  She feels that the people at Medicus clearly enjoy what they do, willing to teach you and help you and extremely responsive.

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