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pmm_loribazzaniLori Bazzani

Practice Administrator, Rockdale Family Practice

Lori Bazzani is the Practice Administrator at Rockdale Family Practice in Conyers, Georgia.  The practice was started by Dr. Mary-Jane Kassam (Dr. MJ) and Dr. Mohamed Kassam (Dr. Sam) back in 1991.  Lori joined the practice in 2010 and started off in the billing department.  As the practice grew so did Lori’s role.  Dr. MJ started a weight loss program and expanded her role within the practice, and later expanded Lori’s role again to become the Practice Administrator.  Rockdale Family Practice has grown and now has five doctors and two physician assistants, for a total staff of 30. Prior to Rockdale Family Practice, Lori previously worked eight years for an allergy practice.

Lori knows that if the staff are happy, then they will enjoy coming to work.  By maintaining a good work environment, the staff work more efficiently and take better care of the patients. Lori has an open door policy to talk about personal issues or other things that may come up while at work.  By talking it through and giving them care and attention, her colleagues feel valued and better throughout the day.  She is the liaison between the staff and doctors, so she knows her role is important to keep everything running smoothly.  Lori is extremely proud to have happy staff.

The two tips that Lori offers as suggestions to other practice administrators support this mantra.  She recommends to be a good listener and to be compassionate to both staff and patients.  A lot of things come up during the day that you don’t anticipate.  So it’s important to be prepared to be hit with things and be ready to respond.  Lori wears a lot of hats in the practice administrator role and often needs to think outside the box for the solution.

The best advice that Lori has received is from the current doctors.  They told her to be confident in decisions and be a leader for the office.  She does this well as M.J. Kassam, M.D. stated, “Lori has an ability to brighten the whole place with her presence, her smile, her overall enthusiasm and genuine care for the practice and the individuals whose lives interact there, whether they be clients, vendors, business associates, staff members or a delivery person passing through.  Even on the more challenging days, Lori radiates positive energy and a sense of fairness that contribute greatly to good morale, cooperation and team building.”  Lori received high praise from Indira Asser, M.D., “There are several things that I love about working with Lori Bazzani. She handles the administrative part of the office so effectively, that I don’t recall the last time I had to be involved in ‘putting out a fire’, which involved a patient or an employee.  She is a very good listener, very conscientious, and adored by my fellow doctors and all other employees. Because of her, the minutiae is handled and I can focus on what I love doing, and that is, taking care of patients.”

Lori Bazzani was nominated by Chris Jann of Medicus IT.  She stated, Chris knows that she’s not big on knowing computer systems and feels good about leaving things in his team’s hands.  When Rockdale Family Practice got a new EMR system the prior year, the EMR group wanted to switch IT companies, but Lori talked to the doctors and wanted to keep Chris and the Medicus IT team.  Medicus IT was more than capable of working with the new EMR system and keep everything running smoothly.

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