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Elizabeth Howard - Practice Manager of the Month (PMOM), April 2018 - Healthcare Services TeamElizabeth Howard
Practice Manager, Morrow Family Medicine

Elizabeth Howard is the Practice Manager at Morrow Family Medicine. The practice has two locations; one in Milton and the other in Cumming, Georgia. Dr. Morrow started the practice as a solo practice in Cumming and has grown to five providers and two locations with a staff of 18. In spring 2018 they will move into a new, larger space in Cumming to accommodate the growing practice.

Elizabeth has her degree in Athletic Training. Her husband was military, and they moved six times in six years. Her first job was as an orthopedic tech and has worked various positions within the medical office. While working in Orthopedics in Johns Creek, she met Dr. Morrow as their practices shared an X-ray machine. After a location change and brutal commute, she received a call from Dr. Morrow starting his practice, and she joined Morrow Family Medicine.

Her experience from working the various roles in the doctor’s office comes into play each day as Practice Manager. While she misses patient care, she can relate well to her team and their struggles since she has worked each position. She understands how hard each role can be and can empathize with her employees. Her employees know that she’s been there, so they understand and appreciate her insight.

Elizabeth’s recommendation to other Practice Managers is to take time to do some work in each role. By understanding each role, Elizabeth knows that she can help set expectations they can achieve. So, if you haven’t answered phones, then answer one day and experience it. If you haven’t done scheduling then do it. Elizabeth is a big believer in no office drama. It’s important to be the solution, not the problem. Everyone needs to get along and keep the peace. It’s important for her as Practice Manager to be that neutral person so people can come to her and openly discuss any problems.

Elizabeth’s experience is what Dr. Morrow most appreciated and wanted when he hired her, since she can understand the front and back of the office. Jim Morrow, MD stated, “The best thing about working with Elizabeth is that I know she always has my back. She is constantly thinking about what can improve the practice, our workflow and our morale and our staff. She is a progressive thinker who sees technology as a help, not a hindrance, as some do, and she never hesitates to roll up her sleeves and do any job in the office. Elizabeth is the consummate manager.”

Her mentor is her significant other. He is now retired from the army and is retired as a leader. She remembers watching him the first six years on how he became a good leader. During those years, he learned new skills and how to be fair and lead with honesty and integrity. He found value learning from successful and unsuccessful leaders. Then, he was able to apply these skills to encourage people to work harder and more efficiently at their jobs.

Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family. She has a 4 year old and they play Barbies. She also enjoys spending time working in the yard and garden (flowers and vegetables), and working out.

Elizabeth Howard was nominated by Bill Steuer of GSG Capital. Her description of Bill is simply stated, “He’s great.” She mentioned how they started out with a new office and didn’t have cash flow. He helped with the financing money and getting the machines needed to open their doors. He goes beyond just the financing and also helps to coordinate movers and other vendor recommendations.

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