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Daniel Mastrodonato a native of Rochester New York and has been in Atlanta, Georgia for over 15 years. In Daniel’s previous life, he was a commercial banker for 20 years with HSBC Bank, Chase Bank, and Citigroup New York State. After leaving banking, Daniel went into Payroll. Daniel works with businesses from 1 employee to 1000 in what is now called the Human Capital Management industry. That means working with the employer as well as the employees from hire to retire. Some of the solutions that Daniel offers are applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance, human resources and, of course, payroll processing. Some of Daniels recent acquisitions are healthcare and human services companies, medical and dental practices and schools, transportation and logistics companies, restaurants and franchises such as Subways, Jimmy Johns, and McDonald’s.

Daniels key to success over the past 15 years in the payroll industry has been to always put the client first. Daniel has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. In his limited spare time, Daniel enjoys    traveling, mountain biking, the west coast of Florida, scuba diving and snorkeling. Daniel does have two dogs that keep him very busy on a day to day basis.

Daniel Mastrodonato

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