Spotlight: Jennifer Autian

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Family – married? Children? Pets? Married – 20 years coming up this year. Son in High School – typical teenager who starts driving this summer. We also have 2 cats – 20 lbs and 6 lbs.

Where did you grow up? Interests as a child? What did you want to be “when you grew up”? North of Chicago, in a small town. Came south to warm up – Nashville first, then Atlanta. Played tons of sports growing up – usually on the boys’ teams. What did I want to be? Physical Therapist.

What college did you attend? What did you study? Best memories of those years? Undergraduate at Vanderbilt, MBA from GA State. Double major in math and Spanish, double minor in psychology and German. Change of scene was the best part.

Where in Atlanta do you live? What brought you here? Roswell. 75S (kidding). Next big city south of Nashville was Atlanta – wanted to be here before ’96 Olympics.

Hobbies? Any charity or philanthropy? Crafty when not analytical. Home renovations are of great interest along with my son’s activities. Enjoy hiking too. I spend a lot of time at “Fur Kids”, which is an animal shelter. I’m there at least once a week. And church.

If money were no issue, what would you do with your time? Beach. Love waves and reading

Favorite food? Worst food? Mexican food. Sushi.

Cook or clean dishes? Cook. Usually end up doing both anyways though. I clean as I go though.

Favorite sports team(s)? Favorite book? Favorite movie? Chicago Bears. Football in general. Field of Dreams.

Furthest you’ve ever traveled? Best trip of life? Europe for Spanish studies. Best: honeymoon in Hawaii.

Speak any other languages? Supposedly Spanish and German. Still some Spanish in there but not much German.

Mountains, beach, or staycation? Mountains & beach. I like to hike. I like beach walks. Certainly not a homebody.

Role model in your life? Step-father is likely the most influential. He started a business on own and grew to three locations. Always took care of his employees. “Don’t pay for something you haven’t earned yet.”

What is one tidbit of information about you we wouldn’t expect? Rowed crew in college for three years.

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