Sheila Fox-Lovell Spotlight

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Family – married? Children? Pets? Married to Mitch for 24 years. Three step children – all grown, and one lives/works with us. Three cats – one is 18! Best cat on the planet

Where did you grow up? Interests as a child? What did you want to be “when you grew up”? Long Island, South Shore, near Jones Beach. Graduating high school, boys. Originally wanted to be an anthropologist (it sounded cool, then wanted to be probation officer (hence my degree in law enforcement).

What college did you attend? What did you study? Best memories of those years? Bryant College – now known as Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. All four years were a party (hey, it was the 70’s) but the highlight was the year a blizzard hit because school shut down for a week. Yet another excuse for a party!

Where in Atlanta do you live? What brought you here? East Cobb. When criminal justice was no longer attractive, I went to work for my dad who owned an envelope manufacturing plant in NY. When he sold the business, there was a location in Austell that the purchasing company owned, so it was a natural move.

Hobbies? Any charity or philanthropy? Scrapbooking, crochet – all things that help de-stress. Was once an avid tennis player (actually how Mitch and I met).

If money were no issue, what would you do with your time? Travel. For sure. As often as possible.

Favorite food? Worst food? Italian – I’m an aficionado of eggplant parmesan. Anything pesto works for me too. Sushi – never had it, never will.

Cook or clean dishes? Cook.

Favorite sports team(s)? Favorite book? Favorite movie? Braves/Falcons. Movie: Life is Beautiful. Book: The Kite Runner or 1000 Splendid Suns.

Furthest you’ve ever traveled? Best trip of life? Australia with my sister. Also, my honeymoon in Hawaii. Close second is Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta Canada

Speak any other languages? No. Unless “cat” counts.

Mountains, beach, or staycation? Yes. 50/50 mountain/beach.

Role model in your life? My dad, as a business owner.

What is one tidbit of information about you we wouldn’t expect? I’m first generation American. Both my parents came through Ellis Island. Dad came over from London after WWII. Mom came over as an infant from Poland and was quarantined for several months due to small pox.

Picture to share? Mitch and I visiting the “fatherland”.

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