HealthCare Services Team Holidays

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The Healthcare Services Team gather for the 2019 Holiday to celebrate success!

Favorite Holiday Traditions

  • “Watching Elf on Christmas Eve”
  • “Thanksgiving at my house for 22-30 people, Going shopping Thursday night and 6 am Friday”
  • “Annual holiday vacation with two families (10 years running)”
  • “Making Christmas cookies with my mom and siblings”
  • “When I was a kid, I used to make the rounds to my friends’ homes on Christmas day to see their presents. I would get so envious, since Chanukah is not really a major holiday like Christmas. Now we go to the movies on Christmas day and get Chinese food for dinner”

 Favorite Holiday Memories

  • “Getting one of the GI Joe Destroyers as a kid”
  • “My dad was the community Santa – he came to school dressed as Santa but I never knew it was him – now I own the Santa suit!”
  • “Watching Christmas movies while it’s snowing outside (Chicago)”

 Best Holiday Vacations/Holiday Vacation Plans

  • “Cruise when I was younger, North Captiva Island, FL – no cars allowed on the island, miles of empty beaches”
  • “Enjoying in Atlanta”
  • “Lake Oconee”
  • “Christmas at Gulf Shores – walking on the sand Christmas morning”




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